Nokia C2 03 - About Maps

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About Maps

Your phone comes with the Maps application, and may have a memory card with

preloaded maps for your country. Insert the memory card into the phone before using

You can only use Maps when using the SIM card in the internal SIM card holder.





You can browse maps of different cities in your country. You can also:

View your current location

Plan a route to a nearby place

Search for a place or specific address, and save it

Send your location or a place to a friend in a text message

When you browse to an area which is not covered by the maps already downloaded on

the memory card, a map for the area is automatically downloaded through the internet.

32 Maps

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Downloading maps may involve transmission of large amounts of data through your

service provider's network. For information about data transmission charges, contact

your service provider.
You can also use the Nokia Ovi Suite application to download maps. To download and

install Nokia Ovi Suite on your compatible computer, go to
Network access may be required to find your current location. You may be prompted to

select an internet access point.
Some services may not be available in all countries, and may be provided only in selected

Contents of digital maps may sometimes be inaccurate and incomplete. Never rely solely

on the content or the service for essential communications, such as in emergencies.