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About Bluetooth connectivity










You can connect wirelessly to other compatible devices, such as phones, computers,

headsets, and car kits.
You can use the connection to send items from your phone, copy files from your

compatible PC, and print files with a compatible printer.
Since devices with Bluetooth wireless technology communicate using radio waves, they

do not need to be in direct line-of-sight. However, they must be within 10 metres (33

feet) of each other, although the connection may be subject to interference from

obstructions such as walls or from other electronic devices.

When your phone is locked, only connections to authorised devices are possible.
Tip: To access Bluetooth settings from the home screen, add a shortcut to the shortcut


Note: There may be restrictions on the use of Bluetooth technology in some

countries. For example, in France, you are only allowed to use Bluetooth technology

indoors. After 1 July 2012, the restriction on outdoor usage of Bluetooth technology of

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this product in France is withdrawn by the EU. For more information, contact your local